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What is a temporary tattoo?


The first thing that comes to mind when you say temporary tattoo is Indian henna. The henna is a powder of the genus Kinagia, which can be described as a large shrub or small tree about 2.60 meters tall, and is prepared by drying and grinding the leaves of this plant. This powder is believed to have a healing effect in North Africa and West Asia. For this reason, some tribes use this powder in their ceremonies.

Formerly used to make various decorations to the body, henna is thought to have a calming and pain relieving effect. It was also believed that the henna was a lucky and fertile one, who protected the perpetrators from evil. There is evidence that it has survived as a cultural activity from the Indians, Kazakh Turks and Kyrgyz Turks. Having a real tattoo on any part of your body is a challenging and painful process. In fact, the conditions under which tattooing is performed can lead to unhealthy results. This creates fear and anxiety. In addition, temporary tattooing has become popular due to the difficulty of removing it after a while. Temporary tattoo, unlike needle and subcutaneous tattoo, is also very easy to apply to the body. There are a wide variety of applications. The easiest method is the temporary tattoo applied to the body using a temporary tattoo spray. It does not take 2-3 minutes and it is very easy to delete.

Does Temporary Tattoo Stay Long?

Temporary tattoo does not remain on the skin for many years like permanent tattoo. This is because real tattoo is injected under the skin needle; on the contrary, temporary tattooing is applied to the skin with indian henna. The durability period is therefore not too long. For those who hesitate to get a permanent tattoo, we can say that temporary tattoo is a perfect match.

Temporary Tattoo, Does Pain During Application?

You will not feel any pain during temporary tattooing. Because permanent tattoo is not applied under the skin with the help of needles, the spray is applied in the form of spraying from the bottle or rubbing with a brush. Therefore, it does not cause pain. You can have tattoos seamlessly. Since there is no healing process afterwards, you can have a painless and painless tattoo.

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