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10 Anxiety Symptoms in Children that Most Parents Miss



“My kid might have anxiety???”

This is the response 90% of parents have when they find themselves sitting on the couch in my therapy office seeking to gain insight into their child’s confusing and challenging behaviors.

Often they have viewed and approached their child’s mystifying actions through a behavioral lens, with a good dose of rewards, consequences and sticker charts, only to find that the behaviors not only stick around but intensify. 

Anxiety symptoms in children

It’s more than understandable that parents don’t catch on to anxiety symptoms in children, given the image most of us create when picturing a child living with excessive stress and worry.

Close your eyes and do your best to conjure up a quick visual of an anxious child. Does it look something like a rainboot clad preschooler hiding behind their mom’s leg on the first day of school?

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